Flood washes out Ellettsville town hall

Town officials considering permanent move

ELLETTSVILLE, Ind. - Flood waters from Jack's Defeat Creek flowed down Sale Street and into the Ellettsville Town Hall Saturday night for the fourth time since 1992.

Locals say the weekend's storm, and resulting high waters, was the second 100-year flood in the last two years.

"I do believe it was the worst one yet," said town clerk treasurer Sandy Hash. "I think we finally realize we cannot continue on an annual basis to move everything out and have a restoration company come and dry us out. It is too dramatic and damaging to business."

While dehumidifiers continue churning on the first floor of town hall in the aftermath of the flood, town leaders are already considering a permanent move. The town council has authorized $50,000 to temporarily move the town hall to the Eagle's Landing Mall.

But the damage extends beyond the government building. Ellettsvile Computer Repair is located right next door to the town hall, and was hit hard when three feet of water crashed into the building.

The store has since temporarily moved across the street.

"I've got nothing now. I've got no Internet access," said owner Craig Deiner. "Fortunately, I was able to move into this location right away. I got a place for my shop, and I got power."

Deiner said the insurance company has not told the owner of his former location whether it will be condemned or rebuilt.

As far as town hall, officials hope to move it into the Eagle's Landing Mall location on January 2. The next meeting of the Ellettsville Town Council is scheduled for Januar 13.

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