Flooding prompts Ellettsville town hall move

Town hall ready for business by Wednesday

ELLETTSVILLE, Ind. - After more than 40 years, the Ellettsville town hall has moved from its location on Sale Street after too many damaging floods and headaches.

Ellettsville Clerk Treasurer Sandy Hash helped orchestrate the move from the old, flood-prone town hall, to the new location at Eagle's Landing.

Workers hope to make the town hall ready for business by Wednesday morning.

Three floods in the last five years, including one late last month, prompted the move.

"I'm gonna miss it terribly. I’m definitely emotionally attached to the building. But physically with the flood issues, there's only so many times you can do that. Accepting those facts I will make this home," Hash said.

The utilities office also moved to the new location. Residents will be able to pay their water bills there beginning Wednesday.

"We'll be here for at least six months. It's temporary, but we can hold out here for quite a longtime. I think everybody is gonna get used to this place, it’s the old school. Half the people who come here to do their business went to school here," Utilities Manager Michael Farmer said.

It cost $10,000 for paint, carpeting and electrical work to make the move happen. The town will also have to pay $950 in rent.

"I think everybody will adjust to whatever they decide to do. I think it’s a good deal. I do," resident Robin Wise said.

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