Former First Lady Laura Bush headlines lecture series at Butler University

INDIANAPOLIS - Former First Lady Laura Bush was in Indianapolis Monday night for a lecture series at Butler University.

Mrs. Bush graciously took the stage at Clowes Memorial Hall for Butler's Celebration of Diversity Distinguished Lecture Series.

Hundreds of people packed the auditorium to hear Mrs. Bush talk about education reform, life as a new grandmother and her fondest memories in the White House.

"I believe that every child in America should learn to read. I know that books have the power to move people as individuals. For me, reading is the guiding passion of my life," Bush said.

She also gave some romantic insight to her marriage.

"I fell in love with George because of his sense of humor. I wanted to marry someone that would make me laugh," she said.

Although the couple is no longer in the White House, Mrs. Bush said she and George continue to push their platforms of education and the importance of a strong U.S. workforce.

"We're working to spread the best education practices from the best principals to all schools around the country. George and I are also working with corporations around the country to make sure they hire veterans," she said.

Mayor Greg Ballard gave Mrs. Bush the key to the city, and Butler President James Danko presented her with the Presidential Medal of Distinction.

After her lecture, Mrs. Bush sat down for a quick question-and-answer session with Indy radio host Amos Brown.

"Is there anyone famous you would like to meet?" Brown asked.

"I would have liked to have met Nelson Mandela, but I never got the chance," she said.

"What do you miss most about living in the White House?" Brown asked.

"The chef!" she said.

When asked to sum up her thoughts about the country's political climate, she quoted her husband.

"We're the big ship America. We may lean to the left or the right, but we always stay the course."

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