Former GIPC director accused of embezzlement

INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis police are investigating the former director of the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee for allegedly embezzling between $90,000 and $100,000 over a three-year period.

Matthew Hendrix was fired by GIPC on March 5.

On Thursday morning, officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department served search warrants at Hendrix’s Lebanon home and at the home of his former girlfriend, Jennifer Armstrong.

Investigators believe Hendrix and Armstrong funneled money from GIPC into a bogus home health care company.

Police also said Hendrix was caught paying for a $5,000 cruise with his company credit card. At the time, Hendrix told his superiors it was accidental.

Investigators said Hendrix received a $17,000 severance check when he was fired by GIPC.

GIPC is a nonprofit public-private partnership. It contributes talent and expertise and has been instrumental in helping Indianapolis develop its reputation as a first-class sports town.

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