Former Lawrence animal shelter worker arrested on neglect charges

Andy Ross faces 14 counts of animal neglect

LAWERNCE, Ind. - A former officer of the Lawrence Animal Control was arrested Monday just two weeks after animals were found living in deplorable conditions at the shelter.

Andy Ross faces 14 counts of animal neglect and was scheduled to appear in court Wednesday to answer to the charges.

Lawrence Mayor Dean Jessup said the charges against Ross don't reflect the type of person he once knew him to be. 

"We thought he was to the point where we probably didn't have to micromanage him.  Obviously, that did not turn out to be true and that will never, ever happen again. I think some things must be going on in his life because this is not the kind of guy he has been in the past," Jessup said.

Animal advocates say they want the shelter to be closed, but Jessup said the center isn't supported by taxpayers and it's essentially a courtesy service.

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