Former NASA astronaut, Purdue alum teams up with Indianapolis Children's Museum for new program

David Wolf named Scientist-in-Residence

INDIANAPOLIS - The Indianapolis Children's Museum is partnering up with a former NASA astronaut for a new program that's out of this world.

The museum announced Dr. David Wolf as its first Extraordinary Scientist-in-Residence. Wolf will bring the real-world experience of space and innovative science to millions of children and their families.
Jeffrey Patchen, president and CEO of the museum, said that Wolf is more than qualified for the position.

“While Dr. Wolf is clearly a brilliant scientist who has logged 168 days in space over four separate missions, he has a charming way of communicating basic science principles in a down-to-earth manner that is fun and compelling,” Patchen said. "Where else can ordinary families go to have such an extraordinary experience?”

In addition to exploring space, Wolf, who is also a Purdue alum, is a medical doctor, electrical engineer, and inventor who has received 17 U.S. Patents, published over 40 technical publications and received over 20 NASA Space Act Awards.

“I am thrilled when I see young people light up as they wrap their mind around space flight, the cosmos and zero gravity,” said Wolf. “This will be an incredible opportunity to help them think in different ways that are applicable to all problem-solving. When I look back, many of the skills I needed to be good as an astronaut were learned as a young person. I can’t wait to help these young people realize what they do now will affect them for the rest of their lives.”

Purdue President Mitch Daniels said Wolf's presence at the museum will be an inspiration.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for children to be inspired at the world’s largest children’s museum," Daniels said. "Young people can share the same dreams that touched astronauts and scientists like David Wolf and learn how to launch those dreams in the classroom, much as he did during his time at Purdue."

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