Four charged in alleged ID theft ring

INDIANAPOLIS - The Marion County Prosecutor's office announced Friday it had filed charges against four Indianapolis residents in an alleged identity theft scheme.

Willie Day, John Foster, Tamera Hankins and Joshua Raine were charged with multiple counts, including forgery, fraud, perjury and theft. All four are accused of using stolen Social Security numbers – marked as "credit profile numbers" (CPNs) – to open lines of credit for purchases, including for cars worth up to $60,000.

“According to the investigation, not only were stores and financial institutions taken by this identity theft scheme, but young people – often just 16 and 17 years old – were victimized when their Social Security numbers were used fraudulently,” Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said. ”These young victims face numerous hurdles in repairing their credit at no fault of their own, and it is possible they will deal with credit issues for years to come.”

The defendants are accused of presenting forged documents, including rental agreements, pay stubs and bills to the BMV for new driver’s licenses with false addresses. The BMV issued licenses were then presented to financial institutions to qualify for lines of credit and auto loans.

Prosecutor Curry cautioned consumers seeking a legitimate course of action to improve their credit not to fall for this illegal scheme. CPNs are commonly marketed online and sold for $3,000 to $5,000. Consumers are warned that they may be charged with the crimes of forgery or perjury for presenting fraudulent documents to the BMV or in attempts to gain access to credit.

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