Franklin County commissioners sign '2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance' into law

Some doubt measure will hold up in court

BROOKVILLE, Ind. - An ordinance exempting a southeastern Indiana county from federal gun control laws has been signed into law amid questions over whether it will hold up under judicial scrutiny.

The Connersville News-Examiner reported Tuesday that the Franklin County commissioners signed their 2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance into law a day earlier.

The passed unanimously statute states Franklin County doesn't recognize any past, present or future federal law that violates the Second Amendment of the Constitution. It doesn't specify which federal restrictions on gun ownership are acceptable.

Ball State University public law expert Sally Jo Vasicko said the statute is a legitimate law within the county until successfully challenged in the courts.

President Barack Obama has asked Congress to pass measures requiring background checks for all gun buyers and banning new assault weapons.

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