Franklin mom warns of fake Child Protective Services caseworkers

Women said they had order to take children

FRANKLIN, Ind. - A Franklin mother is speaking out and warning others after two women who claimed to be caseworkers with Child Protective Services entered her home and threatened to take her kids.

Amanda Walker said the incident began with a phone call on Friday from someone who claimed to be a CPS caseworker and said they had a court order to take her children.

On Tuesday, two women who identified themselves as CPS caseworkers came to Walker’s apartment carrying two child car seats. They entered her apartment and began questioning her while taking photos of her apartment and her sleeping 1-year-old son.

"I didn't realize to look at ID badges or anything. I just thought these two ladies showed up with car seats and one had a clipboard with papers and said we have a court order and I'm frantic," Walker said.

The women finally left and promised to return. Walker’s fiance and 5-year-old son were gone, and she was frightened so she called police.

Officers with the Franklin Police Department called a Department of Child Services (DCS) supervisor who could not find a complaint against Walker, officials said. They warned her to call officers if the women returned.

"I think they were either trying to kidnap or take something from us. I don't know why us or Jude or Jackson. I don't know," Walker’s fiance Daniel Kelmis said.

Walker said the women were both in their 20s and were well-dressed and very convincing. She said it was odd that they were so interested in her son Jude and wanted to see him while he was sleeping in another room.

Walker posted about the scam on Facebook to warn other women who may be targeted.

"I didn't know what to do. I just let these people into my home and it wasn't really CPS," Walker said. She said the experience has scared her and her family so much that they now plan to move.

Officers hope to figure out who the women were and what they really wanted. Anyone with information is asked to call police.

One tip: Typically, anyone who identifies themselves as "CPS" workers should be considered with caution. The proper name for Indiana's unit that oversees child protection is the Department of Child Services, or DCS. Always ask for identification from an "official" who approaches you.

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