Gander Mountain offering free trigger locks this weekend nationwide

Central Indiana has seen a spate of recent incidents in which children got their hands on unlocked guns, often with deadly results.
This weekend, retail giant Gander Mountain did its part to address the issue by offering free trigger locks nationwide.
The retailer said its goal is to give away 50,000 trigger locks this weekend.
"As a company we feel responsible to promote firearm safety and take care of our customers the best we can," said Jim Dismore, a firearm supervisor for Gander Mountain.
Customers like John Zimmawoea took advantage of the locks to help keep his children and grandchildren safe.
"People leave guns laying around for home protection, but they don't realize kids can get to them, you know, and they think they're toys," Zimmawoea said.
That may be what happened last month in Greensburg, when a 6-year-old accidentally shot and killed his 13-year-old brother .
Gander Mountain launched its firearm responsibility call last April.
Anyone who goes to one of its stores this weekend can get a free trigger lock – but first must sign a pledge to properly safeguard all of their firearms.
"Basically anybody can come in, sign the pledge, saying I will secure my firearms, keep them out of the hands of the underage, untrained and unauthorized and we give 'em a free trigger lock," Dismore said.
Gander Mountain was expecting a large turnout to take advantage of the giveaway.
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