Gecko exhibit featuring 80 live lizards comes to Indianapolis Children's Museum

Creatures on exhibit until May 15

INDIANAPOLIS - The largest and most advanced traveling gecko exhibit in the world opens to the public Saturday at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

Eighty geckos -- all different species, colors, shapes and sizes from all around the globe -- will call the museum home for the next few months, where they'll be teaching kids the strangest, coolest and creepiest things about the lizards.

"Most geckos don't have eye lids, so they will lick their eyeballs to clean them," said gecko keeper Aaron Klugh. "And they can lose their tails if they feel threatened or if a predator is after them, and their tail will wiggle so they can make a quick escape and hopefully the predator will go after that wiggling tale."

Klugh said the geckos also eat their own skin -- which is full of protein -- after shedding it. They'll even eat the skin of other geckos.

"That's gross," said 11-year-old Samuel Acosta. "I never knew that until now."

The interactive exhibit lets kids talk to a rare "human" gecko and see what it's like to get around with such sticky toes.

"What I've learned is that its camouflage protects it from animals that would like to eat it," said Elise Hosfield, 8.

The kids previewing the exhibit were excited to learn about the creepy creatures.

"I like this museum because of that; you can come and learn in really fun ways," said 8-year-old Caleb Ehrstine. "Yeah, that's cool too, getting to see them up close, but I think what's more incredible is just being able to see them at all, you know."

The gecko exhibit runs through May 15.

To watch feeding time live every 15 minutes, click here .

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