Gov. Mike Pence apologizes for deleted Facebook comments

INDIANAPOLIS - Gov. Mike Pence issued an apology on his Facebook page Friday morning following controversy over deleted comments.

A handful of gay marriage supporters had their comments struck from the governor's Facebook page Wednesday and were blocked on Twitter.

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On Thursday, Pence defended his staff's decision to delete the comments.

The governor's staff said they were erasing the comments and banishing the posters because they contained profanities, slurs or other prohibited language, but Pence found out that wasn't always the case.

The governor told RTV6 it was never his intention to remove comments simply because they criticized him, and he promised to fix the problem.

"Civility is important in the public debate, but I also believe in the freedom of expression," Pence said. "And when I became aware of concerns that items were being deleted from our official Facebook page, it was my understanding that that was being done in a way that was consistent with our policy about removing inflammatory statements or statements that included name-calling or vulgarity. On careful review we determined that was not the case. And I regret that comments were removed and felt it was important we apologize."

Pence said his office is reviewing its social media policy, and changes will be announced soon.

He also said although mistakes were made, he doesn't think his staffers meant any harm.

"It was all about a sincere effort by sincere people to maintain a level of civility," he said. 

Pence said an attempt was being made to repost the comments that had been deleted.

Watch RTV6 and refresh this page for updates.

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