GPS technology helping police fight theft

Police caught teen who stole car Monday

INDIANAPOLIS - It is becoming more common for police officers to use GPS systems to find cars that have been stolen. Police are using the tracking technology to quickly solve cases and fight theft.

The technology helped track a car that was stolen by a 14-year-old boy on Monday. The car was equipped with a tracking device and officers were behind the suspect within minutes.

"One of the things that was integral in this particular pursuit was the fact that GPS was involved. The vehicle had a GPS tracking system. We are finding that it can be a benefit," Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officer Chris Wilburn said.

Many cars come standard with GPS tracking devices that can easily be activated to locate a car in an emergency.

Several insurance companies offer GPS services, but it can be purchased online for as little as $25.

"We’re even finding too that some of the technologies in your iPhone like Track my iPhone can be of aid to us," Wilburn said.

By simply downloading an app or calling a tracking company, law enforcement officials are able to fight auto theft and quickly find what has been stolen.

GPS tracking devices can also help save money on auto insurance. Many companies look at GPS trackers as a form of asset protection and recovery and offer discounts of up to 30 percent.

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