Greene Co. sees damage, power outages after storm

No weather sirens to alert residents

SALSBERRY, Ind. - Strong winds damaged more than a dozen homes in the town of Salsberry early Wednesday morning.

Most of damage was minor in Greene County, but when the storms came through, there were no weather sirens to warn residents.

The fire department used all of their fire trucks and turned on their sirens to warn people.

“Fortunately, no one was displaced from this incident from their residence and no injuries were reported,” said Chief Austin Comes of the Eastern Fire Department.

Comes said roughly 14 homes sustained minor damage. 

“We got out into the community and started checking the community. We started seeing the damage, and it was very shocking,” said Comes.

Deputy Fire Chief Tim Deckard’s property was also damaged.

When the bad weather moved through early Wednesday morning, Deckard went to the station as quickly as he could.

“The winds were so fierce it was throwing my car sideways and until I got out of it, I didn’t know if I was going to make it through or not,” Deckard said.

Crews worked all morning and throughout the day to restore power after a tree landed on power lines.

Authorities said most people should have power back by Wednesday evening.

The National Weather service did not send out a surveyor because they did not have enough evidence of a tornado.

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