Greenfield officer runs for his life as semi crushes car

Everyone walked away OK after accident

GREENFIELD, ind. - An officer is lucky to be alive after his vehicle was crushed in one of several accidents on Interstate 70 on Thursday.

Dash cam video from the car of Greenfield Police Department Officer Chuck McMichael showed how he was preparing to block the westbound lanes of I-70 because of a serious accident two miles down the road.

"There was another traveler on the road behind me, so when you saw me kind of swerving back and forth was to get her attention that I'm stopping here in the roadway and she did stop behind me," McMichael said.

McMichael got out of his car to tell the motorist he was shutting down the interstate when he saw a semi begin to jackknife. He never made it to the woman’s car – he ran for his life.

"The trailer started coming around the back side of it and as it did, I made a run for the median," McMichael said.

It was only seconds later that his car was struck and totaled.

He first left dispatch know he was out of the car and safe and then he made a call to his wife a short time later.

"It's one of the things I told my wife when I talked to her, you know I've never run so fast on ice in my entire life..." McMichael said.

McMichael believes his quick thinking most likely saved his life and he considered himself lucky.

"Had I been in that car at the time that semi hit me, who's to say what really would've happened, but you know, it doesn't look good," he said.

When McMichael went to go check on the semi driver, he noticed the driver that had been behind him went off an exit ramp and disappeared.

The semi driver was also OK and even drove away in his semi, but not before getting three tickets for unsafe driving.

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