Greenwood Boy Scouts with stolen trailer, camping equipment get donations from community

Still no sign of stolen trailer

GREENWOOD, Ind. - A Greenwood Boy Scout troop has been receiving donations from the community after having its trailer full of camping equipment stolen.

The troop's trailer was stolen around Thanksgiving from the American Legion parking lot, where the troop had been parking the trailer for two decades.

There is still no sign of the trailer, but the scouts are starting to see some camping equipment coming back to them.

Family Indoor Shooting, a shooting range on the east side of Indianapolis, has donated 25 tents to the troop, a former scout from the troop has donated $1,000, and many others have donated camping equipment, said troop leader James Castellano.

Castellano said the troop hopes to eventually purchase a new trailer. It took the troop five years to save up to buy the stolen trailer.

Castellano said the troop has been using this incident as a "learning experience."

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