Greenwood City Council votes down stray animal feeding ban

Ordinance proposed to decrease coyotes in area

GREENWOOD, Ind. - A proposal to ban people from feeding stray animals in Greenwood was voted down Monday.

Greenwood's City Council voted down the proposed measure in its meeting Monday night after hearing from many residents who opposed the measure.
The idea was to ban people from feeding stray cats and dogs to help cut down on coyotes causing problems in Greenwood's neighborhoods.

"It all started out because somebody was complaining that coyotes had killed a dog or two," said Greenwood resident Janice McFerren, who said she and her husband opposed the ordinance. "People shouldn’t leave their little dogs out at night in the yard by themselves. They should be with them."

Douglas Bartram, a Greenwood resident whose dog was attacked by a coyote, told RTV6 in October that the coyote jumped the fence into his yard.

Sergeant Doug Roller, with Greenwood police, told RTV6 in October that he'd heard at least six reports of coyotes attacking pets in the matter of a few weeks.

"From speaking to some of the homeowners in the areas that have been affected, they've seen coyotes out during the day time, middle of the day," he said.

McFerren said she and her husband have never seen any coyotes around their home, and she thinks the council was misguided in proposing the feeding ban.

"I think just a few people have complained, and it just kind of got out of hand," she said. "A small amount of people shouldn't generate something that's probably not a wise thing to do in the circle of life."
The ordinance had gotten preliminary approval, but didn't make it through a key council vote.


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