Grieving family wants safety upgrades at dangerous intersection

Andrew Neal, 21, killed last Thursday

NEW CASTLE, Ind. - A father who lost his son in a fatal accident at a New Castle intersection wants steps taken to make the intersection safer for others.

Andrew Neal, 21, was killed in a car accident at County Road 300 South and State Road 103 last Thursday.

Neal’s father, Allen Neal, neighbors who have witnessed many accidents and politicians all agree that improvements are necessary.

There is a stop sign for eastbound vehicles at the intersection, but police have not completed their investigation and have not determined the cause of last Thursday’s accident.

Allen Neal believes there should be a traffic light at the intersection. He believes if something had been done, his son might still be alive.

Carolyn Utt lives just three doors down from the intersection and has heard the crashes and seen the mayhem. She said she worries about the safety of her 18-year-old granddaughter.

"She comes down that road. I tell her all the time to slow down. Make sure no one is flying down 300 South before you get there ... I tell her every time she leaves here because that scares me," Utt said. 

Henry County Commissioner Kim Cronk is in favor of modifications.

"I think a flashing light would be a good thing to have at the intersection and promote INDOT doing that to hopefully eliminate the accidents we have had and will have in the future," Cronk said.

State Rep. Thomas Saunders said safety upgrades are needed and he will be working behind the scenes to make that happen.

Indiana Department of Transportation spokesman Nathan Riggs said an investigation of the intersection is already underway and INDOT will be looking for possible safety improvements.

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