Guests report bedbugs at northside hotel

INDIANAPOLIS - Bedbugs have stricken fear into travelers after widespread reports they've hitched rides into hotels across America; resulting in bites on unsuspecting guests.

Rhonda Gonzalez, along with other parents and large groups of children and teens, spent the weekend at Caribbean Cove, a hotel with an indoor water park, on the north side of Indianapolis.

Gonzalez said they awoke on Sunday to find bites on their backs and arms. The children, raising their hands, say that not only did they see the bugs, but they too were bitten.

"Upon looking through the room we found bedbugs," Gonzalez said. "Two people stayed up all night because they were afraid to go to sleep because of bedbugs and people getting bit."

Cellphone video taken by the group shows hotel employees looking through the rooms, and even one guest capturing a bug in a cup.

Gonzalez said despite her concerns, the hotel maintains that it doesn't have bedbugs. However, Internet reviews posted by previous guests of the hotel complain of the same problem.

"That's just disgusting," Gonzalez said. "There's too many people that stay here, and pay lots of money to stay in this hotel and for their kids to have fun, and it's infested with bedbugs."

A hotel supervisor told RTV6 that no one in management would be available to speak on the allegations until Monday.

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