Gun buyback program too successful, ends early

Police offer more than street value for guns

NEW ALBANY, Ind. - Local law enforcement organized a program to purchase unwanted guns and get them off the streets, but the program attracted more attention than they expected.

The city had promised $200 in exchange for pistols, shotguns and rifles and $300 in exchange for assault-style weapons.

People started lining up well before the program was set to begin at noon.

Some people brought over a dozen guns to sell.

“You got to make something like this more inviting than for the person who wants to buy a gun that can’t actually own a gun, such as a convicted felon. If we can offer more than what you make on the street, then that’s our goal,” said program organizer Major Keith Whitlow.

Authorities had to change the rules and place a limit on the number of guns that would be accepted from each person.

The program was supposed to last eight hours but it ended after an hour and a half.

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