Gun control fears spark ammo shortage as customers stock up on rounds

Bargersville store can't order more until 2015

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. - As fears over gun control continue to fuel the sale of ammunition, some gun shops have run out and police now say they're keeping a close eye on the shortage.

Guy Linville, who works at Honey Creek Tackle in Bargersville, said ammunition for many guns is basically non-existent these days.

"We just can't get it. Even common rounds like .40 Smith and Wesson, 9mm,  .22 long rifle, things we wouldn't normally have issue keeping in stock we just can't get in stock," Linville said.

Linville said the gun shop would normally have 75,000 rounds of the .223 caliber for M16. Monday, they had none.

At Honey Creek Tackle, it's anything but business as usual. 

"Our distributors used to be able to give us a time frame. They don't now. They just don't know," Linville said. "The manufacturers cannot keep up with demand right now."

Linville said the ammunition manufacturers they work with are at full capacity and are not taking any more orders this year or in 2014.

The owner of honey creek tackle says they have not raised prices during the shortage, but they believe a number of their guns and ammunition have been purchased by people who then re-sell them at a markup.

Franklin Police Chief Tim O'Sullivan said his department has enough ammunition, but he is well aware of the shortage.

"Well, there's a concern, and everybody's trying to be frugal and budget for their ammo appropriately," O'Sullivan said. "And, maybe some of the smaller departments are talking about eliminating some of their training, just to be safe."

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