Hairstylists continue fight over $9.5 million Hoosier Lottery ticket

Woman's attorney says bond should be required

INDIANAPOLIS - The wrangling continued Monday over a winning $9.5 million Hoosier Lottery ticket.

Judge Heather Welch is considering whether the seven hairstylists contesting the payment of the prize to Christina Shaw should be forced to post a bond as the court fight continues.

Attorneys representing Shaw said the law requires the plaintiffs to post a bond. Shaw purchased and is in possession of the winning ticket, which she claims belongs only to her.

Shaw bought the ticket in February at an Indianapolis Speedway gas station.

Shaw said she is losing $671 in interest every day that she is denied payment. Court documents indicate the cash payout on the prize is $3,062,464.

Her seven colleagues said there was an unwritten agreement that the person who bought tickets for the group could not buy personal tickets at the same location.

"The rules require a bond be posted. There is no doubt about it. You can read the rule. Anybody can read the rule," said James Goodin, Shaw's attorney. "The rule anticipates that somebody is damaged because the injunction shouldn't have been granted originally. So, there is a bond to pay those damages."

Attorney Scott Montross, who represents the seven hairstylists, said there's no need to post bond.

"That doesn't apply, I really don't think. We'll see whatever the judge determines," Montross said.

Welch said she will rule on the motion to dissolve the preliminary injunction on May 17.

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