'Harlem Shake' latest viral dance craze taking Internet by storm

'Shake' videos popping up from IU, Ball State

INDIANAPOLIS - The latest dance craze -- the Harlem Shake -- is going viral, and Hoosiers are not exempt.

A quick Internet search will pull up Shakes in the dorm room, the board room, even under water.

Inhibitions are not welcome, as Indiana University student Kevin Moriarty can attest.

Moriarty made his own Harlem Shake video with his lacrosse teammates.

View the IU Lacrosse Harlem Shake Video:

"I had an idea going into it of what I like to do. It's based on some of my dance moves I bring out on the weekends," Moriarty said.

The video depicts Moriarty dancing with no rhythm at all, while his teammate Keegan Mcquillan is teaming up with someone else to do the wheelbarrow.

"We want to get our name out as much as possible and branching out with social media like that was one of the cool ways we thought we could do it," Mcquillan said.

One at Ball State involves a larger crowd in the snow.

Duncan Alney runs a company called Firebelly that works to maximize Internet marketing for clients, and he said he is not surprised to see the success of videos like the Harlem Shake and formerly Gangnam style -- videos that are often underproduced and low budget, but effective.

"You don't have to go out and hire thousands of dollars in a crew," Alney said. "You just shoot it and as long as it's funny or germane it works."

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