Harsh winter to blame for lack of interest in Mini-Marathon?

Race is 3K registrations shy of selling out

INDIANAPOLIS - Tens of thousands of runners will fill Indianapolis streets in less than two weeks for the Mini-Marathon, but organizers say interest for the event is down from years past.

The 500 Festival’s Mini-Marathon has sold out every year for the last 12 years, but this year, with 12 days left, event organizers said they are about 3,000 registrations shy of selling out.

Organizers are blaming the harsh and prolonged winter.

"With it being just a very long winter, it even snowed last week, I think that has put a damper on registration," 500 Festival spokeswoman Megan Bulla said.

Christina Pinkerton did her best to get outside when she could and she used an indoor track or treadmill when she couldn't.

"It's not the same running indoors, it's not the same running on a treadmill and I know that my time won't be as good as it was in the Monumental, but I still want to go out there and have fun," Pinkerton said.

Andrea Johnson organizes a running club in Broad Ripple. She said of the more than 600 people that signed up to train for this year’s Mini, far fewer are showing up these days.

"It's harder for people to get out there and exercise when it's really really cold," Johnson said.

Organizers are hoping the eleventh-hour hype surrounding the nation’s largest half-marathon will bring those final participants running to the start line.

The brutal winter has impacted the race in other ways too. Organizers plan to jog through the course later in the week to take notice of all the potholes along the way. The Department of Public Works will then make those repairs before race day.

Register for the Mini-Marathon here -- http://bit.ly/PoZFW6

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