Health regulators propose changes to CNA curriculum, training

3-week CNA program might be thing of past

INDIANAPOLIS - New regulations are pending for schools that turn out certified nursing assistants, after the Call 6 Investigators exposed a school operator with a questionable program.

State inspectors were aware of some of the problems with Indianapolis-based Short Term Technical Training Institute, but they were unaware that the school's owner had previously come under investigation by a separate state agency over financial concerns.

Now, new state rules require CNA school applicants to list all people who have a financial stake in the program and disclose any past regulatory problems. 

The Call 6 Investigators responded and assisted a number of students who complained about not getting their certifications.

Regulators also said that they plan on beefing up training expectations for all future CNAs, considering the increased demand for their services.

Current three-week programs might be a thing of the past.

"We don't see a way to avoid clinical time and classroom time. As we add information curriculum we don't see information we can eliminate," said Terry Whitson, assistant commissioner of the state health department.
The new changes would begin in 2014.

Future CNA students would be expected to learn more about how to handle patients with pressure sores as they live longer in nursing homes and related health centers, where many CNAs work.

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