Henryville marks anniversary of deadly tornado

Gov. commemorates town's resilience

HENRYVILLE, Ind. - The people of Henryville, first responders and Gov. Mike Pence commemorated the first anniversary of the deadly tornado that devastated the town last year.

Saturday marked the 1-year anniversary and flags were raised for a town that never waived its desire to make a comeback.

“You have to remember that it takes time, things are getting better looking forward,” said bank President Patrick Glotzbach.

Henryville wanted to parade its hometown pride in its first responders and volunteers who helped with the recovery.

“We’re very lucky. I believe God’s hand was put on top of us, considering what we went through here. We could have lost a lot more,” said one homeowner.

One year ago, the high school was one of the hardest-hit structures in town.

Inside the newly built school, Gov. Pence came to commemorate with the people who were not letting their past delay their pursuit of progress.

“We remember this day as a day of tragedy, but we also remember today as a day of great resilience. This is a community that showed its character and showed its courage,” Pence said.

Stephanie Decker’s story went global.

Decker was the mother who lost both of her legs while protecting her kids when the tornado hit their home.

“It has been an adjustment for our family, but we try to use this in a positive way. I really try to reach out and help other people now. It has given us a chance to have a platform for somebody else,” Decker said.

The Salvation Army reported that about 250 homes in the area needed major or minor repairs.

It could be one more year until all of the homes are rebuilt.


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