Hoosier moms lobby for gun control legislation on Capitol Hill

4 Hoosier moms among group that traveled to D.C.

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indiana woman who founded a gun control movement was in Washington with other Hoosier women on Wednesday to rally for gun control legislation.

Zionsville mom Shannon Watts started a Facebook page called "One Million Moms for Gun Control" the day after the shootings at Sandy Hook. 

Now, the not-for-profit Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America has 80 chapters and 70,000 members.

"The atmosphere here today is just absolutely amazing," said Nicki McNally, one of four Indiana moms on Capitol Hill Wednesday. "I am so inspired by all the women who are here today to take action directly with their senators and representatives."

The group aims to convince lawmakers to ban assault weapons and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, as lawmakers get set to vote on several bills up for consideration.

"This is all happening right now, so that's why we are here trying to make our voices heard, that we support common sense gun regulations," McNally said.

But not everyone agrees with their message.

Scott Ridgeway, with the group Gun Rights Across America is a collector and a Second Amendment advocate.

He was part of another nationwide movement Wednesday of people who gathered at courthouses and city county buildings across America.

They believe more laws would not have stopped the gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary.

"He already broke federal laws before he even went to the school," Ridgeway said. "So, he already broke laws before he went to the school, so how is that going to stop anybody else from breaking laws."

The moms touched by the Sandy Hook tragedy say they have to try.

"We just were not going to sit back and say nothing any longer," McNally said.

The moms met for about 30 minutes with each representative and senator before flying back to Indianapolis.

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