Hoosiers face record flu season, virus peaks early

Healthcare professionals push for flu vaccine

INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana is facing record-breaking flu activity this winter.

The Marion County Health Department said hospitals saw a 38 percent increase in cases of people with flu-like symptoms last week compared to the week before.

"I feel like a lot more people have been sick lately. I think almost everyone in my family has had the flu. A lot of people at work (are sick) so I'm just glad right now I only have a cold," said Jordanna Paciorek of Indianapolis.

The illness isn't isolated to Indiana.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported 41 states, including Indiana, are seeing widespread flu activity. 

Healthcare professionals said it is the earliest peak of the flu in 9 years.

Paciorek was hoping over-the-counter remedies would suppress her symptoms.

"I'm feeling kind of crummy actually. You know, stuffed up with a cough and the typical cold symptoms," Paciorek said.

While Hoosiers packed immediate care centers, doctors said more people were coming in for flu vaccinations.

“I absolutely got it. I just had a baby a couple of months ago, so I definitely got it while I was pregnant. (It’s) very important, especially if you have young children around,” said mother Quinn Roe.

The flu has the highest death rate of any vaccine-preventable disease. 

Doctors said the myth that the vaccine causes the illness keeps people from protecting themselves.

Marion County residents can contact a  flu hotline (317-221-2121) for tips and advice this flu season. 

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