Hoosiers forced from their homes by flooding hope they qualify for federal disaster aid

More than 120 homes damaged in Elwood

ELWOOD, Ind. - It's been nearly two weeks since record flooding forced hundreds of Hoosiers from their homes, and now the process is under way to determine if the hardest hit communities will qualify for federal disaster aid.

Damage assessment teams are working around central Indiana to calculate the extent of the damage.

"We have four teams out in the area going door to door, community to community, and we're looking at damage as it relates to federal assistance," said Dick Gifford with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

In Elwood, it's estimated that at least 120 homes were flooded, and that more than half are heavily damaged or destroyed after nearly six inches of rain fell.

"It's been major. This is an historic flood for our community," said Elwood Mayor Ron Arnold.

Joe Scholl, 61, and his family can't live in their home after it was swamped by water that has now shifted the foundation. He was denied flood insurance, and this is his second major loss.

"You know, I pay my taxes and do what I'm supposed to do in life, and I feel this one time that I need help, and I'm asking for help," Scholl said. "I just hope they help me."

It will likely be two more weeks before the damage assessments are complete. Those will then go to the governor, who will make the request for federal assistance.

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