Hoosiers making plans for Mayan calendar's end of world

Many attending end of world parties

INDIANAPOLIS - Some people are preparing for the world to end Friday while others are preparing for a party.

Chef Joseph's in downtown Indy is one of several places hosting an "End of the World" party on Friday.

Friday is the day some say the Mayan calendar indicates the world will end.

"What are you going do? And if you're going to have the end of the world, then you have to go out with a bang and have a party," said John Mays, the owner of Chef Joseph's.

Folks who talked to RTV6 said they are not worried about an apocalypse on Friday.

"Heavens no, I don't know when world is going to end, but whenever it ends, it'll be OK," said Judy King.

"I actually just saw NASA has on their website a link to why the world is not ending, and I always defer to the opinion of people who are smarter than me," explained Brian Robbins.

"The Mayans believed in cycles. And the current calendar is actually one of several cycles the lasts for thousands of years," stated NASA scientist Mitzi Adams. "The current calendar probably began somewhere around 3114 before the current era. And these cycles have gone on."

NASA seemed confident the world won't end Friday, but some people, like Robbins, are making plans just in case.

"I will be attending an end of the world party just in case," he said.

Other people including some descendants of ancient Mayans said the calendar points to the beginning of a new era on Friday.

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