Hoosiers prepare for spring snow storm expected to drop up to 9 inches Sunday

Road crews switch from pothole duty to snow patrol

INDIANAPOLIS - Just as spring fever is setting in for many Hoosiers, another dose of winter isn't helping.

"Last year this time, it was 70 degrees, and I didn't even wear my jacket," said Indiana resident Wilmara Manuel. "This year I'm like, where's my scarf, hat and gloves? So it's a little crazy."


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The expected winter storm Sunday could have Hoosiers digging out from several inches of spring snow.

It might put a freeze on some spring break plans, but The Children's Museum -- a popular staycation destination -- isn't too concerned.

"When there's colder weather and snowy weather, they do like to come to the museum and get out of that and get out of the home and still have something fun to do," said Charity Counts, with The Children's Museum.

The untimely snow means Department of Public Works road crews will have to switch gears.

"This time of year, our trucks are usually on the ground filling potholes, and that's what they've been doing earlier this week," said DPW spokeswoman Stephanie Samples. "So now they're just shifting their focus from those potholes back to snow."

Airlines are already issuing weather alerts in anticipation of Sunday's snow, unsettling news for travelers coming and going at Indianapolis International Airport.

One Hoosier couple told RTV6 they just flew in from spring break in Arizona, and the forecasted snow will not be the welcome home they wanted.

"We left 84 degrees weather so, we're over it," one traveler said.

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