Hoosiers send help for Sandy relief

Jersey's Cafe sends support to Garden State

CARMEL, Ind. -  

An Indiana restaurant is setting out to help its namesake. Jersey's Cafe is a Carmel eatery known for its giant sandwiches, and the owners have teamed up with community groups and customers to take supplies to areas pummeled by Superstorm Sandy.

The people who run Jersey's said their love for the state runs deep and goes well beyond the food. 

Jersey's gives people a taste of the Garden State.

"They have a huge menu, a lot of sandwiches to choose from and it's all good," said customer Jane Goshe.  

It's a place where East Coast transplants swap stories, and nowadays, Hoosiers-by-way-of-New-Jersey say their hearts are with  the millions of people dealing with the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

"It's just total devastation. It's like your childhood memories are gone now, just wiped out," said customer Don Stauder, a New Jersey native.

"Anyone who is from New Jersey, we all went to the shore. I mean, no matter what you did, no matter where you were from in New Jersey, you always went to the shore. And to see the devastation that it's had there and the fact that nobody has the ability to do anything... " said Jersey’s Executive Chef Blair Laing.

All they say they can do is help where they can, and that's what the people there are doing.

They're gathering essentials like water, diapers and gloves and sending them back on the  trucks bringing in authentic ingredients from New Jersey.

"There are people, their homes are gone. They came home -- it's just like a tornado in Indiana -- they came and it was gone," said Laing.

"As a country we may argue and bicker, but we come together when there's a disaster. We help take care of each other, so it's very heart warming," said Goshe.

The people at Jersey's plan to send at least two shipments of supplies. The first one is set to go out early next week.

For more information on Jersey's Cafe, visit the restaurant's Facebook page .

For more information about Operation East Coast, a group partnering with Jersey's to send relief to the East Coast, click here


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