Hot weather prompts warnings from Department of Labor

Suggestions for keeping workers safe

INDIANAPOLIS - The warm temperatures have state labor officials concerned about Hoosier workers and they are sending a warning to all Indiana employers.

State officials said they were worried about the workforce with temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s.

The steamy weather was been made even more uncomfortable by the relentless summer sun and employees who work outside were doing their best to stay cool.

Those who spend their day working on rooftops don’t even get the relief of shade.

“You can actually have your shoes melt and the asphalt shingles will actually just crumble, you really just are baking, it just really feels like you’re just in an oven,” said Keith Terrell with Bone Dry Roofing.

Bob Dittmer, with the Indiana Department of Labor, called on all employers to take the necessary precautions for their outside workforce.

Dittmer said to make sure employees drink plenty of water, between five to seven ounces every 20 minutes.

Employers should also give their employees more breaks than usual and the breaks should be in shaded areas when possible, Dittmer said.

“What we’re trying to do is just remind people to be conscious of the fact that heat can be very dangerous,” Dittmer said.

The Department of Labor said those working in the extreme heat, inside or out, are at risk.

Heat-related illnesses are 100 percent preventable if simple steps are taken.

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