House Republican files marriage ban amendment

A House Republican has introduced a measure that seeks to place Indiana's gay marriage ban in the state constitution.
The House resolution filed Thursday by state Rep. Eric Turner of Cicero would strengthen Indiana's existing ban and limit future expansion of benefits for same-sex couples.
The formal introduction of the measure tees up a legislative fight that has been waiting in the wings for months. Supporters and opponents have been lobbying members of the House Judiciary Committee behind the scenes and publicly.
The resolution has also been renamed HJR-3 -- a source of possible confusion both for supporters and opponents who have been running ads targeting HJR-6, the resolution's former name, for months.
The 13-member panel will be the first testing ground for both sides.
If lawmakers approve the ban measure this year, it would head to voters in November. The measure won broad bipartisan support in 2011. But that support appears to have softened somewhat amid shifting national attitudes.
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