Keep Indianapolis Beautiful giving away supplies for the fight against graffiti on your property

New ordinance requires owners to cover it up

INDIANAPOLIS - INDIANAPOLIS - Thanks to a local nonprofit organization, Indianapolis residents affected by the recent graffiti ordinance will get some help in keeping up with the new law’s rules.

At the beginning of April, the City of Indianapolis enacted the ordinance,  which requires owners to remove graffiti  on their private property -- whether or not that resident was responsible for the graffiti.

Property owners who don't comply with the ordinance within 30 days will face fines.

But a can of paint doesn’t always come cheap, particularly when it’s for a home improvement you didn’t have in your spring plans. That’s why local organizations are stepping up to help.

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc.  (KIB) held a distribution Friday to help residents who are affected by vandalism. As part of the new ordinance, an abatement program was created through Graffiti-Free Indy, a KIB program.

Kyle Stewart was among those who took advantage of the giveaway to grab supplies needed to clean up graffiti on a vacant house on his street.

"The theory is you are getting more than you need for one spot. Because most neighborhoods get hit more than once," Stewart said. "The hits are all over the place. This is something multiple folks can come together and do. You hit on a key point for free."

Stewart said he's concerned about the property values in his neighborhood, as well as gang infiltration.

"There are a lot of gangs in Indy," he said. "Maybe if we can get the kids involved and show them what they can fix..."

Matt Wakefield, with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, said the plan is to continue the giveaways every 30 days.

"It is going to be a continuing program as a part of the ordinance," Wakefield said. "We are going have monthly distributions. Our next distribution will be June 13th at the Beech Grove Lowes, and we are in the process of setting up more distributions after that. "

Each graffiti abatement kit includes one gallon of standard Valspar gray or white paint, one paint roller and one paint brush. The kit also includes a discount for tinted paint if any is needed for covering a wall that needs special attention. 

Residents who want to participate must register first, however. Tap or click here  to get started. Can't or don't want to register online? Just call Matt Wakefield at 317-264-7555, ext. 122, for more information.

You can learn more about Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and its efforts in the community here.

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