Hundreds pack Anderson City Hall to debate annexation, landfill

Landfill debate been going for 20 years

ANDERSON, Ind. - Hundreds of people packed the Anderson City Hall Thursday night to join a heated debate over annexation and a potential landfill in Anderson. 

Anderson wants to annex one area to the northeast of town -- a place with some more expensive real estate and upper-income residents. 

It's also where a proposed landfill has been debated for more than 20 years. 

Bill Kutschera lives in that area and heads up a group that's trying to block the landfill, and he said he thinks the mayor of Anderson is using the landfill as a political tool in order to get his annexation plan to go through.

"He wants the tax dollars and he wants the votes from the 2,900 people up in Richmond and Union townships," Kutschera said. "Our attitude is be straight, tell us what you want, but don't use the landfill as a hook."

Smith denies the accusation of using the landfill to push annexation.

"Anderson has not until now actually reached out and taken a stand on that issue, one that will dedicate its resources to and really come to the table and fight that issue," said Anderson Mayor Kevin Smith.

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