IACC cracks down on animal neglect in arctic temps

Tickets issued to owners who leave pets out

INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis Animal Care and Control has been flooded with calls of people not caring for their pets and leaving them in the cold – sometimes with deadly results.

The paralyzing cold attributed to the death of at least two dogs whose owners now face possible criminal charges.

IACC Officer Austin Webb said his department made 90 neglect runs on Tuesday alone.

Animals were left chained outside or left to wander alone in brutal temperatures.

"I know there have been some dogs brought in that have had frostbite on their paws and they can get it as easily as we can," Webb said.

"I'm a little surprised that people aren't taking better care of their animals," IACC Administrator Dan Shackle said.

The city’s animal shelter took in some of the dogs left outside by their owners. However, officers said that when confronted, most people obliged and took their dogs inside.

"Animals suffer the same type of injuries that we do. We don't want to be in the weather and they shouldn't be either and people should take proactive measures to protect their pets instead of having Animal Care and Control dictate to them what they need to do," Shackle said.

Officials with IACC said it is considered extreme neglect when dogs are left in subzero temperatures.

IACC hopes to send a message to dog and cat owners that they are responsible for the well-being of their pets.

IACC officers can issue tickets to pet owners who leave their dogs and cats outside. Prosecutors are looking into possible charges against the owners of the two dogs that died in the cold.

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