IMPD: 126 cars stolen this week alone

INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis police are warning residents to take extra precaution with their vehicles after more than 100 cars were stolen during the week of Christmas alone.

IMPD officials said thieves had stolen 126 cars over the last week, and only six had been recovered so far.

Many of those cars were stolen during cold mornings as owners tried to warm their cars by leaving them running with the keys in the ignition. We've spoken to people who said they were just feet away when their cars were stolen. Some said they even saw their cars pulling off.

Police say while these are crimes of opportunity, there are things people can do to make it harder for thieves.

"What we're asking people to do is: Don't leave your vehicles unattended to warm them up during the cold weather," said IMPD Officer Chris Wilburn. "We understand how terribly difficult and challenging that is if you have small children … but just put yourself in that position where you don't have to fill out a police report. That may be your only vehicle, and it's Christmas season."

One RTV6 viewer posted on our Facebook page that her family's truck had been stolen. She later informed us that they had recovered the vehicle -- thanks in part due to information passed on to her by other RTV6 viewers.

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