IMPD: DNA leads to arrest of man wanted for rape

Frazier arrested before unrelated court appearance

INDIANAPOLIS - The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department arrested a man wanted for rape only 48 hours after receiving a DNA hit.

Several detectives from IMPD’s Sex Crimes Unit took 23-year-old John Frazier into custody only moments before his court appearance in an unrelated case Wednesday.

Police used DNA to identify Frazier as the suspect in a rape incident that happened more than three months ago.

“Throughout the investigation, after the assault occurred, we were able to work with the crime lab in Indianapolis to work through the biological evidence. We were able to develop the DNA profile through that,” said Det. Derek Cress with IMPD.

Police said the victim was assaulted early in the morning of Oct. 15.

The suspect may have followed the victim home and pulled a handgun before raping the victim only a few feet from her back door, police said.

IMPD said Frazier has a lengthy criminal history and has served time in prison.

The arrest may help bring closure to the victim of the assault.

“They’re very emotional, very emotionally charged cases with a lot of patience to work through. It’s emotional for the family. It’s emotional for the victim. It’s a life-changing event,” said Cress.

Frazier was already on probation and it is highly unlikely he will get bond, police said.

Police said because he used a handgun in the commission of the assault, he could get up to 50 years in prison.

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