IMPD, FBI find bones at vacant house

Police release few details

INDIANAPOLIS - Bones found in a vacant home on Indianapolis' southeast side have been determined not to be human, authorities said.

Indianapolis police and FBI investigators spent several hours at a home in the 1500 block of East English Avenue on Wednesday night.

Neighbors said the house has been vacant for about six months and they saw people with shovels coming and going from the house prior to detectives arriving.

One neighbor told RTV6 police officers and the FBI asked her many questions about the home's basement.

"They haven't been telling us anything, detectives come over and talk to me and they're more secure about the basement than they are about anything," said neighbor Dawn Thompson. "They carried in scanners, flood lights, shovels, buckets, all that, but they're not saying anything."

Investigators said the house is not yet an active crime scene.

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