IMPD: Homicide rate up, overall crime rate down

Overall crime down by more than 11 percent

INDIANAPOLIS - Throughout 2013, overall crime has declined by more than 11 percent when compared to the same period last year, officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said.

While the city’s homicide rate has spiked more than 50 percent this year, violent assaults have declined by more than 13 percent, IMPD said.

Overall violent crime has decreased by more than 2 percent and there has been 12.5 percent decrease in property crimes.

Police said that in two of every three homicides this year, the victims and the suspects have known each other.

“People who have nothing to lose take unnecessary risks. So, if you really want to help us, the whole idea is to find services before they get to the point where they take lives into their own hands,” said IMPD Chief Rick Hite.

The number of police officers has fallen to the lowest level in more than five years. The department has re-engaged neighborhood leaders in its community policing model.

“We’ve had great commanders. They’ve always been willing to listen to the neighborhoods. They just don’t have the manpower to cover us. And we know that,” said Rachel Cooper of the Southeast community organization.

The public’s comfort level has become a matter of perception versus reality.

The homicide rate is still what affects the public’s perception most. The department will continue to work with their state and federal partners to target the people, places and areas where the homicides most frequently occur.

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