IMPD investigating vehicle vandalism at Marian University

Vandals smashed back windows of 2 cars

INDIANAPOLIS - Police were investigating a case of vandalism on the campus of Marian University Wednesday.

Detectives said they were looking for a pair of vandals who smashed the backs of cars.

The vandalism was discovered during a routine campus patrol just before noon when police discovered a Chevrolet Impala. When the driver spotted the officer, he sped off.

"Our officer had no suspicion of any wrongdoing until the car began to drive at a high rate of speed, and at that point realized there may have been some criminal activity," said Marian University Spokesman Mark Apple.

The campus officer chased after the two men in the Impala before stopping at Butler University, for safety reasons.

Police later checked campus surveillance video that showed two men smashing car windows.
Indianapolis Metro Police Department and Butler campus police are helping Marian officials with the investigation.

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