IMPD: Man made up to 70 phony 911 calls

Almost 23 hours of public service time used

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis man has been arrested on false reporting charges after making as many as 70 phony 911 calls, police said.

Andre Richardson, 20, was taken into police custody Wednesday after the Marion County Prosecutor's Office charged him with 16 counts of false reporting.

Police said Richardson has been responsible for as many as 70 emergency runs since February, and each of the calls was unfounded.

The phony runs included police, fire and EMS crews, and ate up almost 23 hours of public service time, police said.

The calls were for a range of issues, including a stolen vehicle and an armed person with a hostage.

Police said calls like these sap their strength, and it's potentially damaging to response times for real emergencies, especially in a time when manpower is short.

"It impacts us greatly. It impacts the police department. It impacts IEMS and Fire. Some of the calls that he was making was requiring responses from two or three different divisions of DPS . And when that's done, it prevents us from responding to people who really do need us," Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Sgt. Linda Jackson said.

Richardson is being held in the Marion County Jail. If convicted on all counts and given the maximum sentence, Richardson could go to prison for 16 years.

The Marion County non-emergency telephone number is 317-327-3811.


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