IMPD prostitution sting cracks down on human trafficking, STDs

Police: About 20 people arrested

INDIANAPOLIS - Police have arrested about 20 people during a prostitution sting in Indianapolis.

Undercover officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department swept various neighborhoods and made arrests in connection with prostitution and soliciting prostitutes.

Police questioned those who were arrested in connection with the sting to find out if they might be human trafficking victims.

Officials said human trafficking victims are often minors and/or immigrants.

The raid also had a secondary objective.

Authorities said sexually transmitted disease rates were up in Indianapolis, so IMPD teamed up with the Marion County Health Department and Bethlehem House, a substance abuse and HIV prevention nonprofit organization, to try to turn things around.

Police said of the women who were arrested, most agreed to the STD testing and were released.

The women who had prior prostitution convictions were arrested, police said.

Officials arrested one other person in connection with an outstanding warrant.

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