IMPD rolls out Criminal Tracking Unit

INDIANAPOLIS - The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has rolled out a new initiative to fight crime: a criminal tracking unit.

"Unfortunately there is a certain group of people that we interact with on a regular basis that just continues to not follow the rules of society," said IMPD Capt. Dave Allender.

Allender said police in every district have identified a select group of frequent flyers in the criminal justice system for ongoing surveillance – around-the-clock, if necessary.

"If they know they're being tracked, if they know their movements are being investigated, and we don't have to investigate them because they don't do bad things, then that's a good thing," Allender said.

Police have developed a list of criteria that will put offenders squarely in the sights of the Criminal Tracking Unit.

They include: people who are suspects, witnesses or victims in one or more shootings; people who carry or use illegal firearms; and people with extensive criminal histories.

"They made it because they're career criminals," said IMPD Chief Rick Hite. "They've made a career out of crime. And it's our job to reward them by putting them on the list for special consideration, pretty much 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

Police said they also plan to target offenders being released from prison. Those offenders will be offered re-entry services and alternatives programs.

"These are not stupid people," Hite said. "They're going to know the police are watching me a little more than the norm. Then maybe I need to clean my act up a little bit."

Hite said beyond just tracking these individuals, those who are arrested will be targeted for aggressive prosecution and lengthy prison terms.

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