IMS, fans review safety measures after NASCAR crash

Fans react to crash in Daytona

INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis 500 fans are questioning the safety of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway after Saturday’s scary crash at the Daytona International Speedway.

Fans who watched the race at a pub in Speedway were shocked by the debris breaking through the fence and propelling into the stands.

"It looked like it did it stop the main part of the debris. It stopped the engine, it stopped things from getting in, but people still got hurt from flying debris because they were honestly too close," said race fan Joe Uhrick.

Within minutes of Saturday’s crash, race fans who traveled more than 900 miles for the NASCAR race weekend in Daytona posted pictures and video on RTV6's Facebook page.

Race enthusiasts in Indianapolis compared what they saw to their own experiences in the grandstand.

"I realize the tire could go over that fence, I realize someone could die, people have died in those seats," Uhrick said.

IMS leaders said  they are always looking for new ways to make races safer and it's working.

They said there hasn't been a deadly crash here in more than 20 years.

It was 1987's Indy 500 when a tire flew into the stands and hit a fan who died as a result of their injuries.

IMS leaders said so much has improved since then thanks to daily discussions about safety.

"We are looking at our fencing almost daily. We look at it extensively every year and if we have incidents, we study those to figure out why, and we make the improvements that we feel we need to make," said IMS Spokesman Doug Boles.

Fans said even after watching the violent crash, they will still buy tickets for the next race.

"That's part of the sport and the fans know it says on the ticket that we're not responsible for what happens," said Don McCammack.


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