Ind. AG Zoeller investigating propane gouging

INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller says he's investigating several businesses for propane price gouging.

Zoeller confirmed the investigation to RTV6 just a day after Gov. Mike Pence declared the state in an energy emergency.

According to Zoeller, five companies are currently the targets of a state review asking them to explain and defend their propane prices during January's winter storms.

Under the energy emergency declared by the governor, Zoeller said he can take legal action against price gouging.

State law considers a sale price gouging when a consumer is charged an "unconscionable amount." So far, Zoeller said the state has received 21 complaints about possible price gouging related to the national propane shortage.

"I would much prefer that there not be gouging," Zoeller said. "Now, this market's a little different. They're not used to being under the microscope like they are today. But we will be following up on this and making sure none of the companies are taking undue advantage of our consumers."

Zoeller declined to name any of the companies being reviewed as their prices may be determined to be acceptable given current market forces.

If you believe you're being gouged, Zoeller said to keep any receipts related to the transaction and then report the incident to the state at 1-866-241-9753.

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