Ind. grocery stores still in recovery mode after panicked consumers emptied shelves

Kroger expects to be restocked Friday

INDIANAPOLIS - Grocery chains across central Indiana are referring to the past weekend as Black Saturday after panicked customers packed stores for basic staples in advance of the snowstorm.

The Saturday before the storm, Kroger had one of its highest-volume days ever. Sales exceeded those of the sales on the days before Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The Kroger store at 65th Street and Keystone Avenue is still in recovery mode.

The bread shelves were the hardest hit. Baked goods were nearly sold out, followed by strong demands for milk, eggs and perishable meats.

"We got hit pretty hard over the weekend. The storm was kind of tough. We prepared for it really well. We sent out extra product to the stores, but by the end of the day on Saturday, we were pretty well wiped," Kroger Operations Manager Ron Seay said.

The Kroger stores have a severe-weather protocol that provides for extra shipments of food product.

Those arrived on schedule, but the chain was hampered in its restocking efforts by the massive snowstorm that hindered the shipment of supplies from five central Indiana warehouses.

The pre-storm demand also proved once again the old adage that mankind does not live on bread alone -- apparently alcohol was one of the bigger runs.

Kroger officials said consumers spent their money on the same things they always buy, they just bought more of it, not knowing how long they would be stuck inside.

Kroger expects to have all of its central Indiana stores fully restocked by Friday.

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