Back-to-back snow days weigh heavy on Ind. schools

INDIANAPOLIS - By state law, Indiana schools have to meet a 180-day class requirement, but back-to-back snow days have caused officials to make adjustments to their calendars.

The Indiana Department of Education gave schools a two-day waiver after the January winter storm, but any other makeup days would be determined by each school.

To date, the Metropolitan School District of Warren Township has canceled class for six days and there have been four two-hour delays.

Warren Township Chief of Academics Lee Ann Kwiatkowski says more snow days now could create more problems for students' academic progress down the road.

"This has been very disruptive, especially for an urban school district," Kwiatkowski said. "Over spring break, if we continue having snow days, we're going to have to look at making up some of the time during our intersession break."

The annual Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress is scheduled for March and April but the DOE has considered delaying the ISTEP to give schools more time to prepare.

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