Indiana attorney general files suit over mailings charging for deeds Hoosiers can get for free

AG: Illinois Deed Provider Inc. charges for deeds

INDIANAPOLIS - The state has filed suit against a company for sending government-like mailings urging Hoosiers to buy documents they can get for just a few dollars.

Illinois Deed Provider Inc. which also does business as National Record Service Inc. and National Deed Service Inc., sends mailers to property owners offering certified copies of deeds for $59.50 and an additional copy for $20, the state said.

But property deeds are public records, and county recorders can provide copies for free or at a nominal cost, often times a $1 a page.

"The solicitations mimic government legal documents which mislead consumers into believing they need a copy of their property deed," Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller said in a news release. "Homeowners are not required to have copies, even when they go to sell a property."

The state's lawsuit, filed in Allen County Superior Court, accuses the company of violating the Deceptive Consumer Sales Act and the Deceptive Commercial Solicitation Act.

The attorney general is seeking an injunction prohibiting the company from mailing the notices in Indiana, consumer restitution, civil penalties and investigative costs.

Property owners who have received a notice or paid for the company's deed service can file a complaint with the Attorney General's Office by visiting or 800-382-5516.

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